Auake [ uh-weyk ] was created during the stay-at-home order.

We are a homeware brand sustained in an intentional lifestyle choice to live consciously, in a minimalist way and considering our environment as a priority.

We believe the consumer habits are reshaping to a frame of mind to only invest on things that we need on our daily basis. 




Honoring Portuguese culture, well-know for handwork as-well-as sitting around a table gathering for a reason, or no reason at all. Memory makers, over a fresh meal and wine, moments that remain in our souls for eternity.

Auake makes for keeps homeware assembling conscious products each a one-and-only, with raw forms inspired in simplicity.

Collections are unique and therefore in limited units.




After spending over a decade in a nomadic course around the globe, lived in the Middle East and a few other locations, the vision of a lighter way of subsistence grown on me.

All my personal and business ventures merged me into diverse backgrounds which conceived me an immense awareness.

Crystal clear my passion for a cross-cultural cooking and setting up a pleasurable table.

One day I undertook some hours at a Ceramics Studio in Lisbon, the attraction was instant. 

Over time my artistic work arised from a need of expression beyond carefully designed products. Developed an openness and respect for the materials and process, as well as the importance of craftsmanship skills. 

I welcome you to Auake project, where am I currently striving and experiencing the gift of slow living by the sea & countryside.