AUAKE [uh-weyk] it’s a homeware sustained in a minimalist way of living and considering the environment as a priority. 
Based in Portugal since 2021.

Soraia, founder and ceramicist.

A globe trotter that became a potter. Soraia sharped her skills and distinct talents throughout a successful 15-year career in Private Aviation, where she had opportunity to see the four corners of the world. It is after all these travels and cultures encountered that Soraia feels the desire to return to the simplest things. Create shapes for useful objects while remaining in very neutral tones around white. White being the synthesis of all the colors that Soraia has seen so far. This return to an affirmed minimalism in her new professional choice also combines with the search for tranquility in her everyday life. ​This experience taught her the great discovery of clay where she could create objects with her own hands.
When Soraia met Clément, she realized that with her artisanal creations, she could also give them a more necessary meaning in people's daily lives. These pieces are the association of Franco-Portuguese know-how and their common aesthetic.

Clément, co-owner and creative director.

Following a career in the film industry and after working for many years in cinematic fiction, Clément decided to create his audiovisual production company with his brother in Paris. Many videos are emerging, particularly in the world of fashion and art. A complete filmmaker, Clément wants to change his life far from the tumult of big cities and the stress of this work environment. From this feeling came a meeting with Soraia with whom he shares the same vision of a quiet life. Then comes the common desire to create an atypical space mixing ceramic workshop and gallery. Now in charge of AUAKE's multiple visuals, image remains at the heart of this new adventure as a passion that will remain forever.