AUAKE [ uh-weyk ] was created during the stay-at-home order, based in Portugal.

We are a homeware brand sustained in an intentional lifestyle choice to live consciously, in a minimalist way and considering our environment as a priority.

We believe the consumer habits are reshaping to a frame of mind to only invest on things that we need on our daily basis.

Every AUAKE piece has an unique shape, a special object handcrafted, a differentiated product based on quality of materials and functionality.

All pieces names are associated to the meaning of being awake.




Honoring Portuguese culture, well-know for handwork as-well-as sitting around a table gathering for a reason, or no reason at all. Memory makers, over a fresh meal and wine, moments that remain in our souls for eternity.

AUAKE makes for keeps homeware assembling conscious products each a one-and-only, with raw forms inspired in simplicity.

Collections are unique and therefore in limited batches.




Soraia Serrano, 36 years old, spent over a decade in a nomadic course around the globe, lived in the Middle East and a few other locations between U.S. and Europe.

She was Air Hostess in Private Jets and always had the vision of a lighter way of subsistence. Soraia found it during an expected opportunity in 2020, when she decided to become an entrepreneur.

“All my personal and business ventures merged me into diverse backgrounds which conceived me an immense awareness. Crystal clear my passion for a cross-cultural cooking and setting up a pleasurable table.”

One day between travels, Soraia undertook some hours at a Ceramics Studio in Lisbon, to distract herself, looking for a side occupation and the attraction was instant.

Now it is sort of a therapy, a passion. A safe place to escape, create and put the mind away.

“Over time my artistic work arised from a need of expression beyond carefully designed products. I developed an openness and respect for the materials and process, as well as the importance of craftsmanship skills.”

The AUAKE project is where Soraia is thriving and experiencing the gift of slow living by the sea & countryside.